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What to Expect


What to Expect

Our first session will begin discussing your health, life style, structural challenges and structural goals. We will assess your postural challenges through static and dynamic movement patterns which will direct us toward a treatment protocol for the session.

The session is given on a traditional massage table but by no means is this passive structural work. You will be actively engaged in the session and, unlike most forms of massage, will be asked to participate by moving in specific ways that increase the effectiveness of my structural work. Our bodies are made to move, therefore, we will use to movement to unwind and release your structural restrictions.

We will finish the session by reassessing your structural patterns to acknowledge what has changed and what you can do to continue the positive shifts. There will be a small individualized home care routine given for continued unwinding, releasing and strengthening of your postural patterns.

Postural change will continue to present during, after and in-between our sessions as movement helps our work integrate into your structure. Stay connected and aware of the shifts you feel as this is your bodies dialog for what is working or not.

Communication between practitioner and client is very important. What works for one body does not always translate to the next, therefore, I ask that while we work together, on and off the table, you communicate what is or is not working for your structural imbalances. Every piece of information communicated helps figure out how to realign your posture.