Freed Bodywork
Integrative Therapy




The studio is located in The Ford Building at 2505 SE 11th Ave. With a beautiful view from the 3rd floor in suite 356. There is ample parking in one of the three pay lots or plenty of street parking. You can find pay lots on the north, east and south sides of the building.

We are right off the SE max line and Division/SE 11th/SE 12th ave bus lines as well as bike route lanes to make travel accessible to all. You can enter the building through the main entrance on 11th ave, through the Ford Cafe on Division St or through the doors on the back deck in the attached pay parking lot. All doors other then the cafe will be locked after 6pm daily.

Once inside the building find your way either up the stairs by the main entrance or to the elevator in the center of the building up to the 3rd floor and head to the west end where you will find the studio.

Feel free to text or call if you find yourself a little lost and don’t worry if the train, max or traffic hold you up-I will have plenty of table time for your pain and tension.