MVA, Workers Compensation, and some Health Coverage


  Specializing in motor vehicle accidents, I can help unwind the injuries sustained from the smallest rear end to the biggest of crashes. Feel free to give me a call and I can walk you through the process and offer support to you in these stressful situations.

     Some health insurance accepted as an out-of-network provider. Billing as an out-of-network provider for all insurance plans means I have more freedom to customize my treatment for you. Verification of massage therapy as a benefit is needed first, then a referral from a doctor, primary care physician, or chiropractor and we can begin! You may have a deductible to meet and a small co-insurance/co-pay which will require you to pay some out-of-pocket expenses for your treatments. I will take care of all billing and keep record of your chart notes and all out-of-pocket and insurance payments. Please feel free to call with more questions or concerns you may have about your health insurance coverage and massage therapy.