Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions I get about my practice and sessions;

* What is structural bodywork?

~Structural bodywork focuses on making sustainable positive change in our physical structure through the balancing of all types of connective tissue. This practice looks not just at the area of discomfort but, at all ares structurally connected to it. Think of it as working to correct the cause and not just covering up the symptom(s).

*Why do I stay clothed?

~Staying clothed means more time on the massage table recieveing bodywork and more areas of the body are available for structural bodywork and movement therapy. There can be a lot of movement in my sessions by either me passively moving you or from your participation in active movement and staying clothed means more comfort and confidence in those movements.

*How often do I come in for a treatment?

~As often as you can 1. Can afford, 2. Can make the time, 3. Feel like it’s making positive change. It’s just as important to have your MIND and BODY calm and relaxed for optimal change.